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Educational actions

The CAVEX proposes its educational activities to the public, the media, to scientific teams and local authorities mostly in Ile de France and Picardie regions of France (Regional and general councils) to ensure the protection of the environment and corollary training of young children. The diffusion of our educational programme aims at forming children to become fervent protectors of the biosphere!

As a tool for awareness and social empowerment, education training for environment protection allows the inculcation of eco-citizens habits. The educational training sessions are made of three complementary options:

  1. the exhibitions proposed to local authorities and to private partners
  2. the interventions in school classes and in colleges
  3. Hosting students in an educational center dedicated to the environment

A partnership with the rectorate allows an integration of CAVEX’s educational programmes in the school’s programmes, thus showing the adequacy of educational training sessions of CAVEX.

Focused on educating children on environmental causes, it has allowed the hosting of events which gather students around projects elaborated by CAVEX depending on different age groups particularly elaborated for children aged between 6 and 12 years old and for teenagers. We also welcome people who have social integration difficulties or who are physically disabled. The interesting programme is conceived under the direction of our specialised educators with the certification of the french national education authorities.

Every year, we provide to thousands of young students the awareneess necessary to make them protect the nature and to realise the the imporatnce of biodiversity in order to prepare them to become eco-citizens. These actions are supported by the National Center for educational documentation.

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