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The CAVEX, reserve for endangered animals on the brink of extinction cooperates with companies and organisations since over 10 years.  During those years, the CAVEX has partnered with a great number of companies from the public as well as the private sector who have support the CAVEX thus allowing the realisation of many projects for the protection of wildlife and the environment conservation. The project also include the care and feeding of endangered species, maintain their aviaries, organise exhibitions and educational workshops for children and adults in several places.

The CAVEX any help linked to the improvement of its activities. The CAVEX team is always happy tp meet people who are interested to invest their free time and to contribute to a mutual cause which is the safeguard of animals on the brink of extinction. Any help is appreciated!

Why become a partner of CAVEX ?

Why become a partner of CAVEX ?

  1. Possibility for clients, employees or partners to participate in the CAVEX actions and to enjoy the pleasures of concrete results
  2. The contribution to corporate social responsibility by the company, the investment in its social reputation 
  3. Association with the CAVEX brand image
  4. Increase of its loyalty level, the trust of customers towards the company
  5. The possibility of using the photos of the CAVEX images bank
  6. Promotion on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Viadeo)
  7. A new creative history for your company
  8. Participation to events organised by the CAVEX
  9. Individual social responsibility

What help we need?

The help we need

1. The help of volunteers: events organisation, actions, educational workshops and exhibitions

2. Financial support :

  • maintain the aviaries
  • animal care
  • food expenses and medical veterinary care for animals

3. Professional help 

  • veterinaries
  • caregivers
  • informaticians

4. Aide des médias:

  • spots publicitaires
  • création de vidéos
  • création de goodies avec le logo du CAVEX

How to become a partner of CAVEX

How to become a partner of CAVEX

Any moral or physical institution can become a partner of the CAVEX, reserve for endangered animals in order to help and safeguard the animals. To become a partner and friend of the CAVEX, any one can sponsor an animal, make a donation and support an event.

For more details

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